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Thursday, April 26, 2012

{Review} Pawn of Mine by Tabitha Vale

Pawn of Mine
by Tabitha Vale
Series:  Fiery Water (#1)
Pages:  350
Source:  e-book courtesy of Tabitha Vale in exchange for a fair and honest review
Available as of April 9, 2012

The world never ended in fire and ice. The people were consumed by it and now control the elements. The Fires have harnessed the power down to an art while the Waters cower in fear of their abilities, remaining weak and hopeless. Seventeen-year-old Sage Sinclair hopes to dispel the weakness of her Water people because she knows that if she doesn’t do anything, no one will. When she discovers something special about herself, she seeks Humble Narcissist Ruler Agni in the great fire city, Saint Firefly. Once she gains his seal of approval, she’s admitted into Erra Academy where she secretly sparks a revolution among her ennui peers—a revolution to fight back against the Fires. She has every hope in her movement, just as long as her feelings for a handsome and frivolous Saffron Larkspur don’t get in the way—that, and Agni’s sudden fascination with her.


My Review:
Pawn of Mine was an adventure that has you rooting for the underdog.  Tabitha Vale created a well thought out and detailed world where people can create either fire or ice.  

From page one we dive into the world of people who can create fire or ice depending on their ancestry.  Sage is born of ice, but has a secret that could shatter her happy world.  Her sister has come up with a plan to bring Agni down, but it is Sage's job to implement the plan and find followers who will help her on her mission.  Will she succeed in his destruction or will she put everyone she loves in jeopardy?

Sage is unlike most everyone living under Agni's rule.  She despises him, hates him even.  Her sister, Blair, has a plan to bring him down, but she is only the brains behind the operation.  Sage must take the reins and find a way to get into Erra Academy, the private water school.  Once in, she sets aside some of her standards to get what she needs.  She befriends Zane, the flirt and private nerd, who helps her along the way. He is sweet, charming, and the one person Sage can always lean on, even in the most difficult situations.  The Narcissistic ruler, Agni, is ruthless and controlling.  He has a very short fuse and once his temper explodes all of his control is lost, but no worries, he can send a gift basket later.

What I liked most about this book was the main character, Sage.  She is strong, courageous and a rebel, something we don't find often enough in YA fiction.  I also really liked the premise of the book.  Sage has to spark an uproar within her school to find people to join her cause, but she has to figure out how to do this before she can proceed to the next step.  Her sister only gave her so much to go on, she has to figure out the rest on her own.  

There were only two things I didn't like.  The first is how hard it was for me to get into the book.  I was completely lost in the beginning, but once I got about halfway pieces started falling into place and I finally started flying through the pages. Oh, and then there was the cliffhanger.  A huge bomb was dropped at the end and now I'm left wondering what will happen until July when Knight of Mine is set to release.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Pawn of Mine.  It took some time to get into, but the end was worth it.  I recommend it to anyone wanting to read a book filled with adventure and persevering main character.

FTC Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.  I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.  

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